Thursday, 24 July 2008

New Challenger


As Aryanhwy merch Catmael has already said, she has tasked me, as her student, with completing this challenge. I will be doing the Breadth Challenge. I have seven sets of seven projects, and one more to make 50:
  • Write 7 heraldry articles
  • Teach 7 classes
  • Read 7 things my new persona might have read (1230-1250 Bavarian)--Aryanhwy will supply the list of readings
  • Analyse 7 period maps
  • Make 7 hand-sewn pieces of garb
  • Complete 7 illumination projects
  • Try to make 7 pigments from period sources
  • Develop or find and learn a secretary hand that I can actually write
I expect that lone calligraphy task to be the hardest: I have extreme difficulty with book hands (I can't do them at all), and I don't expect a secretary hand to be that much easier.


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