Thursday, 24 July 2008

My A&S 50 challenge

Hi all!
My name is Malin, or Felicitas in the SCA. I live in the shire of Gotvik in Nordmark.

I have chosen two depth challenges and one persona challenge:
-To recreate 50 autentic natural dyeing recipes. So far I've done 3.
-To help 50 people with 16th century garb. So far I've helped 11 with a couple more talking about it.
-To learn 50 things that my persona would know. I've mostly just thought about this so far but I'm thinking I'll learn to cook a couple of period dishes, learn some appropriate games, learn to write like she would have, read a couple of books that she would have read and so on.

I've written up my first two dye recreations in my blog, so far I haven't had time to sit still and write up the third. It can be read in my blog:



AElfwynn said...

Wow, I can't IMAGINE trying to do three of these at once!

Katarina Vigge said...

Want to add one more to that taught someoneabout 16th century clothing? I am looking for some landsknecht advice for the coronation of HRH Sir Jean Paul De Sans Ansteorra... Thanxs...