Wednesday, 23 July 2008

My Challenge

Greetings unto all visitors!
I have chosen the Depth Challenge. My Depth Challenge will be to weave 50 items, and hopefully get some other projects in as well!
To date I have completed 13 items.
I wove 7 tokens for the teachers at Spring 2008 Viceroy Tourney. I also wove 4 prizes that were given out for the Viceroy Tourney A&S Competition. One was given out to the overall winner, one by the outgoing Vicereine HE Ursula, one by the incoming Vicereine Juliet, and one by HRH Fiona. I also wove 2 garters for my Laurel, Comtesse Margaret de St. Martin-sur-le-Mer. Finally I wove a belt for Magdelaina, a new member of Calontir. I met Magdelaina on my visit home. She has put together a nice set of beginners garb, but lacked a belt. I let her choose some colors and quickly made her a rigid heddle woven belt that will suit whatever period she chooses.
I look forward to completing 3 pieces of diamond twill wool for my husband's cloak. I also hope to learn a lot about tapestry weaving and balanced rigid heddle weaving. Especially since I still need to make an apprentice belt with my own hands. :)

I will do my best to post regular progress here. You can also view pictures of my A&S 50 projects at my A&S 50 web pages, see links to left.


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