Thursday, 24 July 2008

Racaire's A&S 50 Challenge :)

Greetings :)
I decided to take part in the breadth and in the depth challenge - for my first breadth challenge I want to make things for my wardrobe because I don't have many dresses or veils, tunicas, aprons, headdresses... (or a Gambeson) and therefore I started my "A&S50 - Wardrobe" challenge - hopefully I will have enough garb soon that I am able to attend a war in Germany, Aarnimetsä or Nordmark - an event that takes longer than 2 or 3 days :)
...and because I sometimes make things for other SCA-members of our Kingdom and give them away as a gift therefore I decided to make 50 things for the kingdom (50 things for other SCA-members I won't get paid for) and I called it "A&S50 - Kingdom".
...and last but not least my depth challenge "A&S50 Stitches/Techniques" - because I am an embroidery geek and also think that some sewing & needlework techniques are quite near situated to embroidery techniques/stitches I want to learn and/or practise and upgrade at least 50 different embroidery, sewing and needlework stitches and techniques (and also a great chance to document the stitches and techniques I can do or actually do for myself :)

1) A&S50 - Wardrobe (breadth)
update 24.06.08:
1.1) my blue 12th century dress
I wanted to wear this dress at Fiona's Coronation ceremony (Midsummer Coronation 2008 - completely handsewn :)
1.2) a veil for the blue 12th century dress
light yellow - handsewn
update 01.08.08:
1.3) underdress for my blue 12th century dress
natural color - sewn with the sewing machine
1.4) a male loan Tunic
(updated 01. September 2008) sewn with the sewing machine
*) Gambeson for Heavy Fighting :)
in progress
*) one pair of stockings (made from woolen fabric)
not started yet
*) a new hood :)
not started yet

2) A&S50 - Kingdom (breadth)
update 23.05.08:
2.1-2.7) 7 Designs for Fionas coronation dress
silk thread - surface couching, some pearls added (pics1-6 / pic7)
*) Anya's Laurel Cloak
in progress
update 01.08.08:
*) a badge for our Heavy Fighting Marshall
not started yet
*) 2 Pelican Badges for Jaelle (for the hood sale for the kingdom)
not started yet

3) A&S50 - Stitches/Techniques (depth)
update 10.05.08:
3.1) surface couching
embroidery technique - for Fiona's coronation dress, for the roundels for Anya's Laurel cloak
3.2) back stitch
sewing stitch - I use the back stitch instead of the running stitch for the sewing technique like described in the book "The Development Of Costume" by Naomi Tarrant on page 15 - 3rd row, picture in the middle for my new 12th century dress - I feel much more secure and comfortable with the backstitch than with the running stitch, for the Gambeson
3.3) Klosterstich
"self couching technique" - I use it for my wallhanging project
classes: Summer Coronation 2008 (Insulae Draconis)

3.4) 'diapered' work
also a kind of couching technique in my opinion - used for the roundels for Anya's Laurel cloak
update 24.06.08:
3.5) Pearls...
some pearl embroidery for the neckline of the 12th century dress

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