Saturday, 26 July 2008


Hi I'm Lord Robin Bowman hailing from the shire of Glen Rathlin in the Crown Principality of Insulae Draconis within the Kingdom of Drachenwald.

I'm currently Rockall Herald for Insulae Draconis and trying to improve my Scribal Arts (6 years so far). I'm more a calligrapher than illuminator, yes I'm that weird. I plan to do fifty scrolls for my Depth Challenge so far I've done 11 I think so at least I'm making progress.

I hope that the Challenge will gain some momentum in DW so we can show just how good our artisans are.


Thursday, 24 July 2008

My A&S 50 challenge

Hi all!
My name is Malin, or Felicitas in the SCA. I live in the shire of Gotvik in Nordmark.

I have chosen two depth challenges and one persona challenge:
-To recreate 50 autentic natural dyeing recipes. So far I've done 3.
-To help 50 people with 16th century garb. So far I've helped 11 with a couple more talking about it.
-To learn 50 things that my persona would know. I've mostly just thought about this so far but I'm thinking I'll learn to cook a couple of period dishes, learn some appropriate games, learn to write like she would have, read a couple of books that she would have read and so on.

I've written up my first two dye recreations in my blog, so far I haven't had time to sit still and write up the third. It can be read in my blog:


New Challenger


As Aryanhwy merch Catmael has already said, she has tasked me, as her student, with completing this challenge. I will be doing the Breadth Challenge. I have seven sets of seven projects, and one more to make 50:
  • Write 7 heraldry articles
  • Teach 7 classes
  • Read 7 things my new persona might have read (1230-1250 Bavarian)--Aryanhwy will supply the list of readings
  • Analyse 7 period maps
  • Make 7 hand-sewn pieces of garb
  • Complete 7 illumination projects
  • Try to make 7 pigments from period sources
  • Develop or find and learn a secretary hand that I can actually write
I expect that lone calligraphy task to be the hardest: I have extreme difficulty with book hands (I can't do them at all), and I don't expect a secretary hand to be that much easier.


Over the course of yesterday evening my student, Ælfwynn Leoflæde dohtor, and I managed to talk each other into participating in this challenge. I'm going for depth: My goal is to complete 50 award scrolls (for new awards and for backlog awards) all based on period exemplars and with full documentation of my choices and materials. (Right now many of my materials are not period, I know, but I hope that as I progress in meeting this challenge I will slowly work towards more and more medieval paints/inks/pens, etc.)

I'm going to count towards the challenge two scrolls that I did earlier this year, one in March, an AoA in 15th C Dutch style, and the other in June, a Laurel scroll based on a 15th C manuscript about the Toison d'Or (the pictures haven't yet been added to this page). I'm currently working on another AoA scroll based on images in the Visconti Hours.


Racaire's A&S 50 Challenge :)

Greetings :)
I decided to take part in the breadth and in the depth challenge - for my first breadth challenge I want to make things for my wardrobe because I don't have many dresses or veils, tunicas, aprons, headdresses... (or a Gambeson) and therefore I started my "A&S50 - Wardrobe" challenge - hopefully I will have enough garb soon that I am able to attend a war in Germany, Aarnimetsä or Nordmark - an event that takes longer than 2 or 3 days :)
...and because I sometimes make things for other SCA-members of our Kingdom and give them away as a gift therefore I decided to make 50 things for the kingdom (50 things for other SCA-members I won't get paid for) and I called it "A&S50 - Kingdom".
...and last but not least my depth challenge "A&S50 Stitches/Techniques" - because I am an embroidery geek and also think that some sewing & needlework techniques are quite near situated to embroidery techniques/stitches I want to learn and/or practise and upgrade at least 50 different embroidery, sewing and needlework stitches and techniques (and also a great chance to document the stitches and techniques I can do or actually do for myself :)

1) A&S50 - Wardrobe (breadth)
update 24.06.08:
1.1) my blue 12th century dress
I wanted to wear this dress at Fiona's Coronation ceremony (Midsummer Coronation 2008 - completely handsewn :)
1.2) a veil for the blue 12th century dress
light yellow - handsewn
update 01.08.08:
1.3) underdress for my blue 12th century dress
natural color - sewn with the sewing machine
1.4) a male loan Tunic
(updated 01. September 2008) sewn with the sewing machine
*) Gambeson for Heavy Fighting :)
in progress
*) one pair of stockings (made from woolen fabric)
not started yet
*) a new hood :)
not started yet

2) A&S50 - Kingdom (breadth)
update 23.05.08:
2.1-2.7) 7 Designs for Fionas coronation dress
silk thread - surface couching, some pearls added (pics1-6 / pic7)
*) Anya's Laurel Cloak
in progress
update 01.08.08:
*) a badge for our Heavy Fighting Marshall
not started yet
*) 2 Pelican Badges for Jaelle (for the hood sale for the kingdom)
not started yet

3) A&S50 - Stitches/Techniques (depth)
update 10.05.08:
3.1) surface couching
embroidery technique - for Fiona's coronation dress, for the roundels for Anya's Laurel cloak
3.2) back stitch
sewing stitch - I use the back stitch instead of the running stitch for the sewing technique like described in the book "The Development Of Costume" by Naomi Tarrant on page 15 - 3rd row, picture in the middle for my new 12th century dress - I feel much more secure and comfortable with the backstitch than with the running stitch, for the Gambeson
3.3) Klosterstich
"self couching technique" - I use it for my wallhanging project
classes: Summer Coronation 2008 (Insulae Draconis)

3.4) 'diapered' work
also a kind of couching technique in my opinion - used for the roundels for Anya's Laurel cloak
update 24.06.08:
3.5) Pearls...
some pearl embroidery for the neckline of the 12th century dress

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

My Challenge

Greetings unto all visitors!
I have chosen the Depth Challenge. My Depth Challenge will be to weave 50 items, and hopefully get some other projects in as well!
To date I have completed 13 items.
I wove 7 tokens for the teachers at Spring 2008 Viceroy Tourney. I also wove 4 prizes that were given out for the Viceroy Tourney A&S Competition. One was given out to the overall winner, one by the outgoing Vicereine HE Ursula, one by the incoming Vicereine Juliet, and one by HRH Fiona. I also wove 2 garters for my Laurel, Comtesse Margaret de St. Martin-sur-le-Mer. Finally I wove a belt for Magdelaina, a new member of Calontir. I met Magdelaina on my visit home. She has put together a nice set of beginners garb, but lacked a belt. I let her choose some colors and quickly made her a rigid heddle woven belt that will suit whatever period she chooses.
I look forward to completing 3 pieces of diamond twill wool for my husband's cloak. I also hope to learn a lot about tapestry weaving and balanced rigid heddle weaving. Especially since I still need to make an apprentice belt with my own hands. :)

I will do my best to post regular progress here. You can also view pictures of my A&S 50 projects at my A&S 50 web pages, see links to left.


A&S 50 challenge basic information

Thank you for visiting our A&S 50 Blog - to provide some basic information about the challenge I copied Jahanara's text about the challenge from the Embroidery Workshop Blog:

Greetings unto the Dragon's Embroidery Guild from Jahanrabanu Vivana,

I would like to bring to your attention a challenge that has issued
forth from our cousins across the ocean. It is a challenge that I
know we are capable of meeting. First I must thank Lady Katerina von
Danzig for bringing this challenge to my attention!

Lady Albreda Aylese of the Mountain Freehold in the East Kingdom has
issued forth this challenge to all Knowne World Artisans. She has
challenged us to undertake the making of 50 things by the Society's
50th Anniversary (2015 by current reckoning). She has made known
three approaches the Depth Challenge, which is to simply make 50
things from your favorite art or science. The Breadth Challenge to
complete 50 things from a variety of arts and sciences. Finally, the
Persona Challenge to undertake 50 things that your Persona would
have done/made. There is also an option for a group to complete the
challenge together. If we wanted the guild could participate
together, or we can participate individually. Any Guild specific
challenge projects can be completed for this challenge as well!

50 may seem like a daunting number, but can definitely be
accomplished in the time allowed. Your challenge items must be made
between 1 May 2007 and 1 May 2015, that's 8 years! Surely we all
complete 6-7 projects each year. If you are looking to push yourself
in a particular area or to learn new arts this is a way to
accomplish that goal!

Those who are interested in more information may consult the A&S
Challenge home page <>. I
would encourage everyone who will be participating in the challenge
to join the Blog community <>
and make yourselves known! I will singing up to coordinate efforts
here in Insulae Draconis and hope the news will spread to the
Kingdom. I would ask one of the guild members to volunteer to
coordinate the efforts on the Kingdom level. If you are in ID please
let me know if you are planning to participate, as I would like to
keep a list of all participating artisans for the ID A&S Reports. I
hope that many will join me in this quest, so that we may support
each other in our adventure.