Sunday, 7 June 2009

time for another update!

Haven't done quite so many scrolls in the last few months as I've been finishing up my dissertation, but here is what I've done since my last post. This is numbers #18-#23 -- almost half-way there!

These two were taken from images from the Hours of Catherine of Cleves, which I obtained in March and have many pages marked that I want to copy!

This is one that I thought was OK when I finished it, but now every time I see a picture of it again, I find I really like the illumination on it, don't know why.

This was my first attempt at a secretary hand, and the wording is cribbed from some letters of Henry VII, since the recipient is someone whose persona works in service to Henry VII.

The initial here was my first attempt at shading. It turned out better than I thought it might!

And this one I'm half-way happy with, half-way unhappy with. I like the top; it's very reminiscent of my exemplar, and it was such fun to paint with such bright, bold, and contrasting colors. It felt like painting a circus. However, I'm not so happy with the borders and the bottom. Oh well.

The full docs (including exemplars) can be found via


Racaire said...

lovely and such a great inspiration! :)
...that inspires me to do more scrolls in the future...

Aryanhwy merch Catmael said...

That's such a wonderful compliment to receive! It makes me so happy that my work can inspire others to try their hands at this, especially since I know that I'm so inspired by the lovely works of the other scribes in our kingdom, Trinite, Genevieve, Melisande...