Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Taking up the challenge...

Greetings to all! Thank you very much, Racaire, for adding me. Well, I saw the A&S 50 Challenge about a year ago. I decided I would do it. My life has been under constant chaos, so I didn't get much done. But things are finally settling down a bit and I can get going. Because I distract easily and jump from project to project, I think "Breadth" is the safest challenge for me. This was I can satisfy my need to try everything. Right now I'm working on a few projects in different categories. I will take a page out of Racaire's book and use the outline format. It's quite handy. :-)

A. Embroidery
1. Panaches (split stitch) with feathers attached
B. Garb
1. Heraldic Cloak (Paused, due to lack of a registered heraldic badge)
2. 14th Century Cotehardie and Surcoat
C. Music
1. "Were Every Thought an Eye" by John Dowland 16th Century (learning for "A Later Period")

So there are 4 current projects. Once I move back to Vielburgen in the next couple weeks, I and my friend will be stalking Duke Garick. He's working on new Coronets for Knight's Crossing and we want to learn about jewelry making. We may also try some pewter casting. I am also waiting on some silk thread to embroider devices for Racaire's Drachenwald Wall Hanging. More shall come.